07 June 2012

How time flies?

"we want the Best but why we always expecting the worst?"

instagram cool :) 
kids life are always wonderful  and full of enjoyment and we always wish that moment will come back 

actually that was a little bit about my essay for the exam...i dont really know to write an entry about what but what i want is to post an entry #ohmyenglish :3 ..ok cool,relax, inhale..1..2..exhale..my last entry was in february and now jun turn replace. Now holiday come agains..i dont know what i've done for the past one week holiday..homework is still called as a homework. living in hostel? that the fact that i must accept it.tired, stressss, fear . that was the feeling that i feel as 4 month at hostel. in fact,most of the student wanna get out from that school but just a few of them make it comes true and most of them think about their parents, their future and the most important is about Dreams, 
included me :)

It maybe hard for us to go through all the obstacles because our school is a new sbp and we are the generation that must fill the school with the cultures of sbp. Remember that all the hardwork will paid off .  Remember one thing, we go to that school, live at hostel, share the happy, sad, time 24 hours with friends just to study and always hold on your dreams until we can create a smile because the dreams has become reality. ya, sbp, sbt or whatever place that we study in it are just the same.same world.we still can make the dreams come true but remember one thing, that the experience and the moment that we had neverbe the same. we share everything with friends, learn to respect them, learn to care their heart, learn to appreciate the friendship, learn to understand ourself more and more,we learn how to miss our family(winkk) , observe around 
and the best one is you learn how to depend on your own.

 "InnaAllah haMa'a Sobirin" :)