31 May 2017


I haven't blog for years! and today, here I am!

Alhamdulillah for another year of Ramadan. what a truly bless that Allah (S) still give us opportunity to meet this holy month. I personally think that when it come to month of Ramadan, my heart feel more content and without any hesitation it so easy for me to do things that Allah (S) told us to do like solat awal than usual (hehe), reading Quran, tarawikh and qiam (probably because of wake up for sahur). Maybe because we realize about the huge pahala offered by the almighty. Sometimes I wonder why I cannot do all those things in other months like I did in Ramadhan. it's because syaitan is being tied that's why we become more sincere and doing good in ibadah? or it's just something related with the HEART or it's because of we seek for huge pahala?

let's reflect and ponder.

Ramadan kareem guys! may Allah (S) protect us from our nafsu and let's strive for Jannah. May Allah (S) forgive our sins and accept all of our ibadah and good deeds.

happy fasting :)